Carbon Made – A study on her materials

A study on her materials” draws inspiration from a long-cherished character of mine, Amber. She was first designed years ago, when I had barely devised what her story would be like or what purpose she would have amid her world.

At this point, I cannot yet claim to fully know who she has become. This poem, however, gathers a few impressions, channeled by the senses of my Lauren – the protagonist to the main narrative that features Amber. Theirs is a story of foil and of longing; a tale told through a veil of ominous marks, uncanny fateful designs.

As well as an ode to their tale, “A study on her materials” is an allegory to something realer. It evokes a sort of love that consists of hiding, of seeking. An eternal pursuit, marked by hazy recollections and fleeting sensations. Unrequited, ill-fated, if you will – or perhaps merely inconcrete.

This poem, as well as the story it relates to, have been vastly influenced by the “Scarlet’s Walk” album, by Tori Amos. It speaks of pilgrimage, of seeking (oneself and otherwise), of understanding.

(original artwork by Gabriel von Max)


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