Carbon Made – The thaumaturgy of words

“The Thaumaturgy of Words” is creation, summarised. The very act, the disorderly manner in which inspiration manifests itself, the toll it takes on one’s essence.

Writing (as any other sort of art) is a shredding of oneself, is it not? The taking of slight portions, the careful insertion into a whole.

I rephrase Amanda Palmer’s “The Art of Asking”, here:

Crafting art is expressing that which you have lived or experienced in some way. You shape it, mould it into words, according to your will. The final result might become closer or farther from reality, depending on the processes you have applied along the way. At the end, nevertheless, a fragment of the original inspiration will always remain, its gist unchanged.

(original art by John Henry Fuseli)


Carbon Made – Mercurial

Should I abridge “Mercurial” into a morsel of words, I might describe it as sheer madness. The embroilments of a sensation too intense for a body or mind to stand. Here, this feeling assumes the shape of passion.

It evokes a moment of feverish dispositions; of flesh entwining, of two merging into one and arising a temple far wider than one single body could bear to uphold. It speaks of helpless devotion, of the mystical character of bodily and immaterial connection.

But this poem also alludes to fury, to brutal grief, to all that lingers in the mind and brings some destruction with it.

(original art by Jules Lefebvre)

Carbon Made – Mayflies

“Mayflies” is a chant to disquiet, to impermanence. A rewind to desires of yore, to sensations long lost. It alludes to fickleness, to the inconsistencies that pervade the fabric of one’s self.

This meditation, at times stained by a disarraying sense of melancholia, strips itself down to a single certainty – the transient nature of being.

(original art by Artemisia Gentileschi)

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Carbon Made – A study on her materials

A study on her materials” draws inspiration from a long-cherished character of mine, Amber. She was first designed years ago, when I had barely devised what her story would be like or what purpose she would have amid her world.

At this point, I cannot yet claim to fully know who she has become. This poem, however, gathers a few impressions, channeled by the senses of my Lauren – the protagonist to the main narrative that features Amber. Theirs is a story of foil and of longing; a tale told through a veil of ominous marks, uncanny fateful designs.

As well as an ode to their tale, “A study on her materials” is an allegory to something realer. It evokes a sort of love that consists of hiding, of seeking. An eternal pursuit, marked by hazy recollections and fleeting sensations. Unrequited, ill-fated, if you will – or perhaps merely inconcrete.

This poem, as well as the story it relates to, have been vastly influenced by the “Scarlet’s Walk” album, by Tori Amos. It speaks of pilgrimage, of seeking (oneself and otherwise), of understanding.

(original artwork by Gabriel von Max)

Carbon Made – Book release

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A Tale of Mischief

ImageCartas do Vertigo Tarot, arte de Dave McKean


Devils watch
Devils stand at the top of their realm, wings unfurled
Mayhem lies where deathbeads are yet to consumate
Flesh is bare
Poison curls at the tip of his fingers, his tools long disposed
Strength is worth
And a feast made of delicacies is his treat to consume

Hunger stings
But indulgent, his yearnings lean towards most lustful devices
Snares at hand
By a game of tantalization, his mighty prey falls
Candid heart
Rabbit bonded to the heavy strings of such kindly torment
Wolfish eyes
He postpones death by quietly sustaining bloodlusts satisfied.